Ancient History in a Modern

Many tourists who come to the UK stay in London, soaking in the sites and sounds of some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In doing so, they often miss out on an opportunity to visit some of the UK's finest sites, thinking that it's too complicated to travel outside of the capital.

In reality, it's not, and getting to places like Stonehenge is very easy and cheap (meaning you can afford to spend a little extra money on a really good place to stay such as a Millennium Kensington Hotel).

The easiest way to get to Stonehenge is to hop on a bus, there are loads of guided tours that leave from London and the journey will take you about two hours. If you want to do it yourself, coaches leave from Victoria Coach Station, or you can get a train to Salisbury (the nearest town) which will set you back about £30 for a return (if you book in advance).

Another good option is to get out of the city altogether, and spend a couple of days in the wilds of Wiltshire. That way you can visit Stonehenge and have a good nose around the lovely city of Salisbury, but you can also visit a similarly amazing (though much less well known) site called Avebury just a few miles down the road from Stonehenge.


Like its famous cousin, Avebury is a stone circle, though of a completely different nature. Instead of one tightly packed monument, Avebury is spread out over many kilometres, the stones are smaller, but you can get up and touch them which, unfortunately, you can no longer do at Stonehenge. In addition, just down the road from the circle, is an ancient barrow mound – a man made burial mound that dominates the horizon. To top it all off, the famous chalk White Horse, carved into the hills, is just a few miles further down the road.

Of course, for history buffs, you don't have to get out to Stonehenge or Avebury to enjoy some fine British history, just round the corner from Kensington Tube Station you'll find the National History Museum which is both free and absolutely brilliant. Whatever you're looking for, if it concerns nature, you'll find it at the museum.

The UK might be a small country, but for culture and weight of history packed into a small space, you'll struggle to find a better place to visit.

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